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Let's Make a Difference

One size does not fit all.


When I work with you I'm going to create something new. 

I don't do canned programs. I'll draw from my 30+ years of experience to create a custom presentation -- based on what you want your people to know, understand or do differently.


That means, while I have specific topics that many clients request (a few are listed below), when I work with you my message is designed specifically to meet your unique needs.

Let's start the conversation!

tammy talking 5.jpg

If the world wasn’t changing, we could continue to lead the same way that we did ten, twenty or even thirty years ago.  Unfortunately, for many tenured leaders, the world has changed and:   


What got us here, is not going to get us there.


Burnout, often called the occupational hazard of the 21st century, is causing profound harm to workers and the organizations that employ them.  Some companies have responded by providing well-being and resiliency training for their employees. 



Yes, and...

Jerk-like behavior in the workplace is on the rise.  Just type “bad boss” or “toxic work environment” into Google and see what happens.  Add our amplified focus on sexual harassment and hostile work environments – and you’ve got the perfect storm.

Let's Get Started

It's important to me that the relationships I say yes to are win-win.

I want to do my best work. AND, I want the folks who hire me

to get the kudos they deserve.


With that said... I'm not everyone's cup of tea.  

If words like relatable, authentic, empathetic, challenging, provocative, and impactful describe what you're looking for...


Then let's get started!   

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Take a look at my website. Watch a couple video clips. If you like my style... Let's schedule a conference call.


On the call we'll talk about who's going to be there, what you want to accomplish and why you think I'm a good fit. Once we're in sync... I'll get you a headshot and a signed letter of agreement!


Now, I'll do my thing.  I'll start with your objectives and design a custom presentation that meets your expectations and engages your audience.  


A couple of weeks before your event, I'll check in with you -- just to ensure we're still on the same page.


On the day of your event you won't need to worry about me.  I'll be there ready to go.  All I'm going to need is an audience and a mic!

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