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My Partners

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Scott used to be a client! 

Scott Burgmeyer, who at that time worked for Bridgestone, called and asked me to facilitate a lunch-n-learn.  When we got down to the investment -- Scott negotiated, hard. 

I remembered laughing, and making a deal... 


"I'll do this ONCE at your price point.  And if I knock it out of the park -- you'll pay my daily rate from that point on."

Not only did that seal the deal -- it was the beginning of an amazing collaboration.  Scott is the ying to my yang.  You'll find that he's the continuous improvement, quality, lean, six sigma & Baldrige expert. I often tease Scott by saying... I'm people.  He's process.    

Scott's specialties are listed below.  And if you're interested in building a culture of continuous improvement we've developed a comprehensive curriculum called The DMAIC Way that we can

facilitate -- or you can bring in-house by certifying members of your staff.

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