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It's amazing how one-small-thing can make all the difference in the world.

I've had a tough couple of weeks...

  • a difficult workshop

  • some rough feedback from a keynote speech

  • unanticipated life changes

  • AND, to top it all off -- I lost my car in a downtown parking garage

I know, really, how stupid can I be? But it's true. The gal who has always had a great sense of direction couldn't find her car! And after I walked all seven levels of the garage -- with my arms full of training materials -- I ran into Dave.

Dave, who was middle of posting notices next to the elevator, politely asked me how I was doing.

"I'm having a hard day. I can't find my car."

Dave didn't laugh or smirk. He simply said; "that happens all of the time. Would it help if I drove you through the garage and we looked for your car together?"

At that moment, I LOVED Dave!

And it got better...

As we were driving through the garage, Dave asked one more, important, question: "When you drove in, did you perhaps circle round and round for 3 floors?"

Long pause... Yep. I was looking for my car in the WRONG parking garage.

And Dave? Dave didn't laugh or smirk. He drove me to the RIGHT garage and took me right to my car. And when I thanked him profusely -- and offered to pay him -- he turned me down flat and said: "Tammy, this happens all of the time. And believe it or not, YOU helped me today. You complimented me on my work -- and today I was feeling very unappreciated. You reminded me just how important my job is."

Sometimes we don't know how we make a difference in this world. What we do, might seem insignificant. AND, #onesmallthing can make a huge difference. Dave saved me that day. His act of kindness and compassion changed my perspective and outlook for the entire week. He is one of the things I'm thankful for this Thanksgiving holiday. And unexpectedly, Dave told me my appreciation made his day. Who knew? #onesmallthing can be amazing!

Pass it on!

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