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Your A$$ is Showing!

You know, it’s one of those perfect mornings. The air is crisp. The sun is shining. And I’m headed to the lake to spend a few days with my family. Michael’s already left for work and I’m packing the truck, saying hello to the neighbors and waving to the kids as they climb on the school bus.

We don’t get many days like this in Iowa and you have to savor them.

Everything is right with the world as I stop at the local gas station to fill up and grab a cup of coffee for the road.

So I’m standing next to the truck with the gas pump in hand ready to fill the tank when someone taps me on the shoulder. And this lady says to me “You’re showing you’re a$$.”

· My first thought was “What in the world have I done to offend this woman?”

· My second thought was “What is she talking about?”

· My third thought was “Does she mean that literally?”

And as I recognized the earnestness on her face I reached around to feel my backside – and sure enough I had a rip down the right side of my pants from the waistband to my knee! Yes, indeed I was showing my a$$ to the world. The WHOLE world: including 3 sets of neighbors, a school bus full of grade school kids, at least 5 or 6 gas station customers and anyone driving down one of the busiest streets in West Des Moines around 8:30 that morning.

Thank heavens I was wearing my granny-panties!

Trust me, that’s not the first time I’ve shown my a$$ to the world but what a gift that woman gave to me! And I think her behavior sets an example for leaders in the workplace.

· I was unaware and she allowed me to see what others were seeing.

· When the opportunity presented itself she was brave enough to say something.

· She told me the truth in no uncertain terms.

· And she helped me remedy the situation – quickly!

To me – that’s leadership in action.

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