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We All Need A Tribe

Arianna Huffington is a champion of well-being. And she has learned that “every person needs a tribe.”

Credit: Peter Yang

So what is a tribe? A tribe is that small group of people that:

· Know you – I mean really know you – the good, bad, the indifferent and the ugly you.

· Support you when you’re at your lowest.

· Cheer you on in the midst of life’s battle.

· Proudly Watch when it’s your turn to take a bow.

Our tribe tells us the truth – both good and bad. The members of our tribe listen, help us think through issues and ultimately strengthen our resolve. The support of our tribe gives us what we need to be fearless and confident. And it’s their strength that allows us to walk into hell and keep going.

I’ve been fortunate to have tribes throughout my life. I can name times when my life and my issues became theirs. And they rallied around me. And I know without my tribe I would not have seen things as clearly. I would not have been as bold. And I would not have had the courage to make some difficult decisions.

The tribes in my life have helped me become the woman I am today – and I need to thank them because to tell you the truth – I like what I’ve become!

So a couple of questions:

What’s your story? How has your tribe shaped and supported you?

And would you like to join my tribe?

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